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Residential Spray Service


Let trained, licensed, and insured professionals with professional equipment and experience take care of your pest control needs.  Make your yard a bug-free sanctuary.

We will apply organic pesticide to your property every 3-5 weeks, depending on rainfall and your need during the bug season.  Total applications will not exceed 10 in a calendar year.  Most of the time 6 or 7 applications keep the bugs away all year!

We accept on-line payment via credit or debit card or e-check through the secure service of PayPal.  If you don't want to use PayPal, we also accept cash, check or money order at the time of service.

Area of ApplicationOne-Time ApplicationAnnual SubscriptionAnnual Subscription Payment Plan

Up to 1/2 acre

(21,780 square feet)




Save $25-$262 compared to 1-time application pricing!

4 payments of $120

1/2 - 1 acre$109



Save $55-$382 compared to 1-time application pricing!

4 payments of $155

over 1 acreCall us for a Customized Quote at 1-877-627-7729. 

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