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Equine Protection

Organic Bug Spray LLC specializes in equine pest management.  We use 100% organic products that are very effective for biting fly control and they are gentle to the skin.  Our products are even safe to use on horses' faces!  Our cedar oil-based products are effective for use both indoors and in the paddock.  We offer three distinct and complimentary solutions.
  1. Horse Spray can be applied directly to the animal.  This will immediately repel insects and kill any resident pests like fleas and dissolve any nits or eggs on contact.  With repeated use, the cedar oil will actually penetrate the hair follicle to provide lasting protection with less frequent treatment.  Our horse spray is available in ready-to-use 16 oz bottles or in highly concentrated form.
  2. Our Insect Control Concentrate or Industrial Strength Concentrate can be diluted to use in automatic misting systems.  Replace the neurotoxic chemical in your system with Organic Bug Spray and eliminate your liability, protect your workers' health, and provide more effective bug control.  It's a win-win-win!
  3. Let Organic Bug Spray application service eradicate mosquito populations by spraying our specially formulated solutions in your stables, barns, and paddocks.  We use cedar oil-based product indoors and a special cedar-garlic blend outdoors.  Neither will bother your horses and they will still eat the grass.  Your paddocks will smell like garlic for an hour or so but will be undetectable after that, except to mosquitoes and other flies that will smell it for several weeks and stay away.  We offer an affordable annual subscription plan and one-time service.  Please call us at 1-877-627-7729 for pricing and answers to any questions.

A side benefit:  customers report that the cedar smell of Organic Bug Spray actually has a calming, gentling effect on horses.

Organic Bug Spray, LLC personnel are tested and certified by Kentucky for pesticide application.  Organic Bug Spray, LLC also carries a $1 million liability insurance policy.

Ready-to-Use Spray bottle contains .5% Cedar Oil

Concentrated 34% Cedar Oil dilutes to up to 64 Gallons!

Industrial-Strength Concentrated 66% Cedar Oil dilutes to up to 128 Gallons!

$7.99 per 16 oz, plus $5 shipping & handling

$39.95 per quart, plus $8 shipping & handling.

$69.95 per quart, plus $8 shipping & handling.





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