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Until now, you've only had a few options for being outside in your yard during the warm months.
  1. Slapping yourself and waving the air around you to keep the bugs at bay, slapping the bugs on your children, and picking ticks off the dog. And then bathing in Witch Hazel to soothe the itches.
  1. Spraying neuro-toxic poison on your yard or having someone else do it for you and crossing your fingers that it won't hurt your family and animals in the long run, even though pesticide history proves otherwise. Remember DDT, Dursban or Malathion?  Currently most municipalities are spraying pyrethrin-based pesticides to control mosquitoes!  They will tell you it is safe and that it degrades quickly, but evidence indicates that it is not safe.
  1. Continually spraying DEET repellent on you and your kids, even though it commonly causes skin problems and carries warnings not to use it too frequently.  In fact, there are reports of death from DEET exposure.  Read it here.  In very rare circumstances, slurred speech, confusion and seizures have been associated with the use of DEET, particularly in children.
Now there is a better choice....Organic Bug Spray!
We use only 100% organic and natural pesticides.  Not only are our pesticides and body sprays completely safe, they are also more effective than chemicals!

The list of pests our products repel or control includes everything from Armadillos, Rabbits, and Deer to Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Horseflies, to Japanese Beetles, Caterpillars, and Slugs!

 Click here to see the entire list of over 80 pests that don't like Organic Bug Spray!

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